“My heart is filled with immense love for this amazing woman.  During Eno’s birth, she went above and beyond for both myself and my partner – supporting us every step of the way. At one point I remember her laying beside me on the floor.  Her arms wrapped around me and in that moment there was calm amongst all the chaos. She was there when I needed to cry, she was there when I needed to laugh. Always present.  Thank you so much Ayla for all that you do and the deep love you give to everyone you touch!  It is felt and appreciated.”

– Cindy  

“Thank you for your help with the birth of our daughter. My husband was very grateful for you being there, especially when he started to feel queasy in the middle of the night. Since I was having a VBAC we had not experienced labour and delivery before so it was good to have a knowledgeable person there to support me through each contraction. I would defiantly use your services again if we have more children as well as recommend your doula services to other expectant mothers. It was truly a great help to have you there. The placenta capsules worked really well for me. I had a lot more energy those first few months than I did after having the boys. I also noticed that I was not loosing all of my hair like crazy, like I did after my previous birth, so it defiantly helped prevent my thyroid from crashing.”

– Alison

“I have struggled with mental illness and had heard of the benefits that placenta encapsulation can have on postpartum depression. Once I looked into it more I was happy to find so many more benefits like increased energy, milk supply, as well as the help with postpartum healing. Ayla was fantastic and I was extremely impressed with the turn around time between the time she got the placenta and when she dropped it off. Her communication was prompt and she was thorough with her replies Great experience! I also LOVED the personal touches she included such as the heart shaped umbilical cord and gift.”

– Chelsea

“I struggle with depression, and had heard from a friend that placenta encapsulation decreases the chances of post partum depression.  My midwife said that in her experience she thought this to be true. As my baby was due right smack in the middle of winter, I was especially concerned about my mood.   Placenta encapsulation is not well understood and therefore isn’t talked about a lot.  When I casually brought it up with a friend who recently gave birth she told me she had it done and recommended Ayla. I looked up Ayla’s website and found answers to many of my questions. I also emailed her with a bunch of questions about the process and preparation.  She was very professional and knowledgeable and I felt confidant in my decision to have my placenta encapsulated with her.  She communicated what to do with the placenta after birth, and also communicated her plans for the holidays as my baby was due around that time. He ended up coming 4 weeks early but the process with Ayla went really smoothly.  She picked up my placenta from the hospital and delivered it back to at the hospital two days later.  She was so sweet, a calm presence in my time of chaos.  She answered my questions and gave me clear instructions.  She had even made the cutest little baby ornament that was attached to the bag. I have it hung in the nursery, a special keepsake.  I noticed a difference in my energy levels when I didn’t ingest my placenta capsules, and I actually cut my dosage back a bit, so I could stretch out the pills for longer.  I sure could use them now even, a year later!  Powdered gold if you ask me:) And I did not experience any postpartum depression, which I am so thankful for.  I also had no problems with milk production, despite baby being 4 weeks early, which I attribute to the placenta capsules. I will absolutely be using Ayla’s services when we have another baby!”

– Landis

“I wanted my placenta encapsulated because I had read somewhere of its many benefits. Mainly I believed it to be good for postpartum emotions as well as receiving iron and nutrition from my placenta. It just felt logical to do it and I was very grateful that it was available in our small city. I think Ayla was great all around. She did an awesome job.”

– Stephanie

“My moods after giving birth were great, and I felt my energy levels were good especially with the lack of sleep. I contribute both of these to my placenta pills.  Ayla’s services were outstanding, Her communication was great, and she was very knowledgeable. I felt very educated about the subject and how it all works. I would highly recommend placenta encapsulation.  I believe I reaped the benefits of it and that others would too. I am very happy with how it all turned out and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to use this service.”

– Megan