Over the last few years I have been captivated with the magic and power of birth and this beautiful transitional time into motherhood and parenthood. I started my journey as a Birth Doula in the Fall of 2012 when I completed a DONA certified doula workshop (Sept. 2012) and the Birthing From Within Doula/Mentor Workshop in Portland (Nov. 2012). I am DONA certified and have supported a number of mothers and their partners in the Nanaimo area. I am excited to be working with families during this special time.

In addition to working with families as a Doula, I am a certified placenta encapsulation specialist through Placenta Benefits (PBi). This has allowed me to help mothers reduce their risk of developing the baby blues and postpartum depression. I have completed my FoodSafe Level I  Trainings as well as my OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Certification.

When I am not involved with the many aspects of birth I am working as a natural plasterer or fine dining server. I enjoy being outdoors; camping, hiking, biking, beach walking, and swimming in the summer. I am very creative and I love to work with my hands. This has led me to explore a number of different artistic pastimes such as sewing, knitting, felting, woodwork, pottery, lapidary, wire work and jewelry making. I see the world as an opportunity to create and I love bringing my creativity into everything I do.


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